leading the way in expanding
knowledge about the Blockchain industry

Blockchain Consulting

You want to understand the Blockchain industry, or even have considered building your own Blockchain, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Our experts are able to consult you on all aspects of the industry, as well as help you build a strategy for the best kind of Blockchain for your company’s needs.

Blockchain Development

As a result of investing tremendous amounts of time and capital over the past few years researching in and developing different kinds of Blockchains, we have become experts in the industry.

We can create custom Blockchain solutions to suit your company’s needs, and maintain them for life.

White Paper Development

As experienced public speakers and authors, we are great at preparing professional White Papers for your company in preparation of your Blockchain company’s ICO.

ICO Website

You want to launch your ICO on your own website, but don’t know how to manage everything in an efficient and secure way?

We can build you the website that instills confidence in your company’s ICO among investors!

ICO Fundraising

Depending on where your startup is in it’s growth, we can assist in raising funds in exchange for equity with angel investors, as well as assist in raising funds for token sales during your Pre-ICO and ICO phases.

Listing on Exchanges

Everything went well for your ICO, but your users can’t trade your token?

Don’t worry, because we can get you listed on a Chinese platform, which will enable you to expand your company’s reach, and enter the biggest market in the world!