leading the way in expanding
knowledge about the Blockchain industry

ICO Fundraising

Depending on where your startup is in it’s growth, we can assist in raising funds in exchange for equity with angel investors, as well as assist in raising funds for token sales during your Pre-ICO and ICO phases.

ICO Launch Services

So you’ve got a Blockchain, a website, a white paper, and a Slack group, and think you’re ready for your ICO? Chances are you are not even close to being ready! We can help you prepare everything from A to Z!

Blockchain Industry Analysis

As a result of investing tremendous amounts of time and capital over the past 18 months researching and experiencing different aspects of the Industry, we have become experts in the Blockchain industry.

We routinely create custom reports based on our clients needs, and can be hired to generate analyses for your company too!

Blockchain Consulting

You want to understand the Blockchain industry, or even have considered building your own Blockchain, but aren’t sure where to begin?

Our experts are able to consult you on all aspects of the industry, as well as help you build a strategy for the best kind of Blockchain for your company’s needs.

Blockchain Advising

In addition to consulting, our company advises Blockchain startups on various aspects, including but not limited to: Securities + ICO regulations, Blockchain implementation, general team building + community growing, scalability, Blockchain security.

Blockchain Public Speaking

As an experienced public speaker and public speaking trainer, we can be hired to give public and private speeches on all things Crypto and Blockchain related.