About Us

Company overview

Nami Global was established to help entrepreneurs and startups like you minimize the struggles you face inside the Blockchain industry: from understanding the ever-changing nuances of laws, to how Blockchain can improve your company, how to build the right Blockchain for you, how to prepare and launch your ICO), etc.

Our founder Sean has lived in China for over 9 years and he is fluent in Mandarin. He has a lot of experience working with the Chinese government, media, and other local entrepreneurs and service providers, so we know how the country ticks, and can help solve the problems you encounter in the process leading up to launching your ICO, fundraising, and getting listed on Chinese exchanges too!

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I had the privilege to witness Sean’s professional, warm approach to event organization and management skills, and his passion towards aligning people from different cultures and goals towards healthy and mutually beneficial relationships. We have since become good friends.

Bernard Lee
CTO, Perdoco